Recent MasComm Projects

MasComm Associates’ projects span a breadth of topics from immigrant health to Alzheimer’s disease to drunk driving to politics. The portfolio is characterized by competitive grant processes related to programming and outreach, with an emphasis on public service initiatives around health and health care.

“Each project and its outcomes are as unique as the individuals and organizations who are involved. What MasComm does is bring national expertise to the local level, and then empowers community stakeholders to tell their own stories and seek their own solutions.”
—Beth Mastin

New Routes to Community Health is a new national program of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, launched in March 2007. New Routes is designed to improve immigrants’ health, work life, and civic participation through the creation and support of local partnerships among immigrant organizations, media production centers, and established community institutions. Up to eight geographically and ethnically diverse sites have received awards of $220,000 over 36 months.

Road Crew is an innovative approach to drunk driving that provides rides to bars, between bars, and back home again, separating drivers from their vehicles before they take their first drink. By using social marketing techniques, Road Crew organizers are providing a fun alternative that has increased highway safety in Wisconsin.

Take One Step, a PBS Health Initiative, launches a major push in 2007 to help Americans adopt a healthier lifestyle. PBS stations will focus on the four health issues that threaten the lives of millions of Americans – Heart Disease, Cancer, Obesity and Depression, with prime-time programming and extensive community outreach. The Hidden Epidemic: Heart Disease in America is the first program to air in January 2007, produced by WGBH Boston. Then in April, Fat: What No One is telling You will be produced by Twin Cities Public Television in St. Paul. In addition to the programming, public TV stations across the US will use social marketing-based outreach to motivate people in their communities to “take one step” towards a healthier lifestyle.

The DNA Files III is third installment of the highly acclaimed and award-winning SoundVision Productions® public radio series that explores the mysterious world of the genome and its impact on life in the 21st century. A skillful blend of exceptional science journalism with creative, intelligent storytelling is the signature of the series. By presenting complex topics in an accessible way, The DNA Files III helps the general public to see the relevance and importance of cutting edge science to their lives.

Sound Partners for Community Health has come to a close after a good long run—10 years! It brought together public broadcasters and community organizations to address local health and health care problems using a variety of programming and community engagement techniques. Over the course of its four grant rounds, 148 grants totaling $5.4 million have been awarded to public radio and television stations, community partners and other media partners around the country.

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