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Take One Step

Take One Step will feature four prime-time documentaries that cover America’s major health challenges: Heart Disease, Cancer, Obesity and Depression.  Each special will be followed by a half-hour program with medical experts to answer questions from a studio audience and provide specific strategies for prevention and treatment. An extensive Web component will direct viewers to information and resources that provide help and support.

The PBS Health Initiative is described as a wake-up call for action, offering programs that cut through the clutter of medical information to provide realistic and concrete guidance on how individuals and families can take control of their health.  Fifteen public television stations received grants to mount extensive local outreach campaigns around the health issues.  Using social marketing principles, the local campaigns focus on a range of at-risk populations including young children, families, minority women, and office workers.  The outreach encourages participants to take “one small step” at a time — from increased movement to nutritious food choices — to incorporate healthy changes into their daily lives.  MasComm Associates is coordinating the outreach and providing social marketing training through the expertise of Dr. Michael Rothschild, Emeritus Professor at the School of Business, University of Wisconsin.  Rothschild has been on the UW faculty since 1975, and in the last 10 years, focused his work on social marketing issues.    

Funding for the Health Initiative comes from PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.