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MasComm Services

MasComm Associates works with organizations to identify and understand their role in solving community problems through collaboration with others, creating new opportunities for those who become engaged in the process. As project manager, MasComm’s role is to design a template for the project, manage the relationships, facilitate communication, oversee implementation, and quantify results. Areas of expertise include:

Creating partnerships by conducting initial research and development on topic selection, available resources, and potential partners.

Building capacity by assessing a client’s present capabilities and providing resources to bridge gaps, and leveraging their strengths with a variety of technical assistance.

Making media part of the solution by awarding funds to broadcast partners who have the vision and energy to make a difference in their communities.

Designing materials that inform, educate and promote ideas, while showcasing the project and its partners.

Maximizing impact by developing campaign marketing plans, capturing stories and publicizing accomplishments.

Achieving success that can be measured by established accountabilities coupled with the methodology to quantify results.