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Creating Partnerships
Partners in community problem-solving achieve greater results together than the parties could achieve separately. Due to the variety of disciplines and diverse viewpoints represented by organizations such as media, nonprofits, government-related agencies, foundations and businesses, partnerships can dramatically extend impact and reach to all segments of a community, thereby enriching dialogue and debate. Assembling the right group of vested stakeholders is vital to the project’s success. MasComm uses tested principals of community engagement to attract interested parties to the topic, while providing tools and support needed to make a difference.

Elements of successful partnerships include:
Shared vision—participants are committed to the same measurable outcome.
Complementary strengths—each partner brings specific skills and expertise to the project.
Willingness to collaborate—all parties are open-minded and cooperative in their communication style as they work toward a common goal.
Respect for boundaries—each partner understands his or her role in the project, and respects the contributions and boundaries of others.

A winning partnership:
• draws on the combined strengths of all partners;
• elevates the level of dialogue surrounding the issue;
• stimulates innovative methods of problem-solving; and
• inspires and invigorates the community.

Building Capacity
Those involved with community health have the responsibility for creating their own methods of engaging constituents in problem-solving, and MasComm Associates is committed to fostering an environment that will allow their abilities to blossom. Taking on a new project often requires a range of skills new to many organizations and participants. By providing additional tools and resources, such as consultations with specialists, training conferences, and connections with other initiatives, MasComm helps create collaborations that will have lasting, positive consequences for project partners and their communities.

MasComm selects projects where there are sufficient resources available for stations and communities to carry out their ideas. MasComm adds value by assembling a team of specialists to create projects that are customized for each client.

Making Media Part of the Solution
Effective outreach has the power to transform broadcasters into proactive leaders in the communities they serve. Traditionally, media outlets produce content and disseminate it to targeted audiences. In a well-executed outreach initiative, the community helps develop the content by providing insight into local needs, and aids in disseminating that content by establishing connections that reach beyond traditional audiences. The community benefits by drawing resources and attention to important issues, while the media benefits by access to content and audiences that they would not have been able to develop on their own.

MasComm Associates helps spark local dialogue and community problem-solving by providing consultation and technical support to collaborations between media, nonprofits, foundations and government-related agencies working in alliance with one another to produce innovative community-based initiatives. MasComm can demonstrate how stations can make a big impact doing what they do best – becoming a catalyst for community problem-solving.

Designing Materials
Creating effective materials that communicate the intent of a project is an integral part of the full range of services offered by MasComm Associates. Print materials are customary project elements, while additional materials may include e-newsletters, Web site development, streaming audio, CDs, and DVDs.

Maximizing Impact
Giving credit where credit is due, and taking the time to reflect on the quality and quantity of work that has been accomplished is a vital part of any project—and is often short-changed. MasComm Associates enjoys its role in capturing and publicizing results for its partners, and spreading the word about the good work that is happening.

One success story is Sound Partners for Community Health. Over the course of its first three grant rounds, 148 grants totaling $3.7 million have been awarded to public radio and television stations, community partners and media partners around the country. To date, these grantees have earned 87 national, local and regional awards for excellence in community service broadcasting.

Achieving Success
Translating a vision into practical, measurable results is a worthy goal of any project. MasComm Associates will assess and recommend measurements to gauge project outcomes and quantify successes. Beginning with the end in mind, MasComm can provide an initial situation assessment, then develop an action plan that will yield the desired results. This approach includes:
• initial assessments based on results from focus groups, surveys, and questionnaires,
• action plans that include specific tactics that are aligned with project goals, and
• summary results that capture and reflect a project’s impact.