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“Media, in its highest form, has the ability to educate, reflect and connect us. Perhaps if those of us in media remind ourselves of Fred Rogers’ belief that ‘the space between television [or media] and the people who receive it is holy ground,’ we will be better at listening to, revealing and conveying images and messages that honor who we are and aspire to be. At our core, that is what connects us.”
Roselle Kovitz

Roselle Kovitz has 20 years of experience in public broadcasting. Initially inspired by the public education potential of media, a mother who was a teacher and a father who spent 40 years in radio, she began her career at San Diego State University’s Center for Communications and KPBS-TV-FM/San Diego. Since then, she co-authored The History of Public Broadcasting, directed local and national outreach campaigns and established the Midwest regional office of the Public Television Outreach Alliance.

Currently an independent consultant, Roselle has worked on a variety of projects, including Twin Cities Public Television’s The Forgetting: A Portrait of Alzheimer’s, MacNeil/Lehrer Productions’ By the People: America in the World and Nova’s Search for a Safe Cigarette. She has authored guides for Frontline’s Secrets of the SAT and Medicating Kids, and has coordinated Reading Rainbow’s Museum Project, among other writing and development projects.

Roselle served as the Midwest regional director for the Public Television Outreach Alliance (PTOA) from its inception in 1986 to June 1999. While with the PTOA, she directed two national outreach campaigns, edited Inside Outreach, the PTOA’s national newsletter, and coordinated annual and specialized training events.

Prior to joining the PTOA, Roselle was a research associate at the Center for Communications at San Diego State University and a project director for several outreach projects at KPBS-TV-FM. Roselle has a BA in sociology from the University of California at Santa Barbara and an MPA, with a concentration in Public Telecommunications, from San Diego State University.