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Beth Mastin
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“We find ourselves in a media landscape expanding at one horizon and contracting at the other. At the same time as media is increasingly consolidated and national in scope, the prospect for utilizing new media to deliver highly localized messages is just beginning to be explored. In an environment where a few media moguls control the 24-hour news cycle, MasComm Associates can help local journalists collaborate with communities to tell complex, nuanced local stories, making media part of the solution.”
Beth Mastin

Beth Mastin is a Media Consultant and Community Relations Specialist with 25 years of experience in non-profit management, with an emphasis on developing public service initiatives around health and health care. Her expertise is in directing competitive grant processes related to programming and outreach, and leading design or consultation efforts for national and local outreach and community engagement campaigns.

In her ongoing role as Co-director of Sound Partners for Community Health, Beth and her team have provided technical assistance since 1996 to broadcasters working within their communities to develop programming and outreach that focuses on local health care problem-solving and partnership-building. In 2003-04, under Ms. Mastin’s direction, MasComm Associates designed and implemented a national outreach initiative for the PBS program, The Forgetting: A Portrait of Alzheimer’s. In another recent health-related effort, Ms. Mastin coordinated selection and management of communities participating in the Road Crew, a public safety effort to provide alternatives to driving for alcohol-impaired bar patrons.

As the first Eastern Regional Director of the Public Television Outreach Alliance, Beth helped pioneer outreach techniques that allow broadcasters to coordinate local initiatives with national campaigns. From 1986-92, she served as Director of Program Outreach at WETA TV in Washington, D.C. From 1992-95, as Secretariat of the U.S. Public Television International Consortium, she managed international co-production grant rounds and communications among 40 domestic and international broadcast organizations, planning three international conferences annually. In 1994, she developed materials and led training for NPR’s Public Radio Outreach Volunteer Expansion (PROVE) project, which enabled 18 NPR stations to fully develop their outreach capacity.

She holds a BA magna cum laude, from Gustavus Adolphus College.