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“I love designing materials for print and the Web. Mostly, I enjoy trying to make each piece I work on as appealing and simple as possible. Good design can convey something of the message at a glance and support deeper levels of value and meaning. Colors, shapes, patterns, and proportions — all these can be used to make text clear and produce a look and feel consistent with content. Typography, photos, and lines can organize information so it is easy to understand.

I like to think that what I do can help draw a viewer into a Web site, a newsletter, or brochure and help maintain his or her interest. I hope to contribute to the liveliness of the message as well as its clarity.”
Gale Petersen

Gale Petersen is an experienced graphic designer who has contributed her skills to MasComm projects: Sound Partners for Community Health, By the People: America in the World, Nova’s Search for a Safe Cigarette, and the Road Crew. Like most professionals, her work exhibits a blending of skills that come from intuition with those that come from training and experience.

Gale was educated at the American Academy of Art and DePaul University. She has many years of experience designing and managing the creation of Web sites, brochures, books, and newsletters. Her skills range from writing and designing to the nitty-gritty tasks of project management: developing and managing schedules and budgets, and purchasing and coordinating printing.

Gale has worked in-house at the American Hospital Association, Scott Foresman, and Pleasant Company. As an independent designer her clients, in addition to MasComm Associates, have included Epic Systems, Publications Associates, American Lawyer Media, Renaissance Learning, American Girl, Wisconsin’s Department of Workforce Development, and HospiceCare, Inc.