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“Given the opportunity to lead the team producing the Sound Partners Highlights DVD to showcase recent radio and television projects, I just had to say ‘yes.’ True, I’d never produced a DVD before, but knowing there were only two answers, ‘yes’ seemed more adventurous. It stretched our creativity because radio programming doesn’t readily lend itself to video presentation. We had to obtain original photography from the radio stations to artfully compliment their audio segments. And, most of the work was done using personal computer technology. Having a highly committed team allowed us to accomplish our goal and we had fun in the process.”
Eve VanRensselaer

Eve provides administrative and editorial support for MasComm Associates. In her role as Program Coordinator for Sound Partners for Community Health, she plans national conferences, manages the Web site and listserv, and produces print and promotional materials. As the person who manages MasComm’s front office, she handles administrative tasks with great efficiency, but what she enjoys most at MasComm is the freedom to take on new challenges, especially those related to the continually changing technologies of Web- and broadcasting. She notes, “A few years ago, small stations didn’t have Web sites. Today, many have excellent sites for disseminating information on their health projects, and are streaming their programs. We can connect our site to stations from every size and locale, and link to their programming.” Under Eve’s supervision, the Sound Partners site has grown into an incredible resource over the past seven years.

Eve came to MasComm from Wisconsin Public Broadcasting, where she began work in 1990 in both radio and television. For TV, she produced a series of nationally distributed, live teleconferences for K-12 teachers. For radio, she managed Book Trails—a literacy enhancement series for Wisconsin’s elementary schools. She also coordinated the state’s participation in PBS’ Adult Learning Satellite Service.

An inveterate traveler, adventures take her sailing across Lake Michigan, horseback riding through caiman-filled swamps of the Pantanal, and viewing Angel Falls in Venezuela by bush pilot.